Nine out of 10 people will find themselves popping pills, hiding in a dark room, or grimacing their way through occasional or frequent headaches.

But there is an alternative available – chiropractic care. It utilizes a number of techniques along with nutritional wellness counseling, helping you combat your headaches once and for all.

Understanding Your Headaches

You may find your headaches appear from nowhere or they gradually get worse. But whichever way they develop, they can have an overwhelming effect on your day-to-day tasks.

Medication, sleeping it off, or letting it ease naturally over time may work but these methods aren’t always effective, nor are they targeting what’s actually causing your headaches.

You see, the majority of headaches (95%, in fact) are caused by factors in our lifestyle, from bright lights to loud noises. Only 5% are related to another physical cause.

What does this mean?

That it’s the headache itself that needs focusing on and overcoming. If you know what triggers them, you can find the relief you deserve.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

A vast number of headaches arise due to tension in the neck, which is why chiropractic is revered for overcoming these types of headaches.

According to one study, a tried-and-tested chiropractic technique, spinal manipulation, effectively gets rid of headaches that stem from tension in the muscles. It does this by getting rid of the built-up tension and stress caused by misalignments in the spine, poor posture, and even injuries in the neck.

This can be further enhanced through massage which helps relax any strained muscles, including in the neck and face, relieving the tension that could be contributing toward the headache. Deep tissue massages can also release muscle spasms that can induce headaches.

And to complement these types of therapies, some chiropractors are also able to offer nutritional wellness counseling. This helps pinpoint any foods or drinks that may be triggering your migraine attacks, including caffeine, chocolate, dairy products, alcohol, and a wealth of other food types. By analyzing your diet and working with you in a healthy-eating program, your chiropractor may help prevent any further migraine attacks.

An All-Around Approach

Ultimately, overcoming headaches and/or migraines requires a multifaceted approach, which is exactly what your local chiropractor in Grapevine, Texas, can do. After an initial consultation, they’ll be able to provide a tailored treatment program that tackles the cause of your headaches, eliminating them for good.

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