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Whether you feel as though your health isn’t as good as it should be or you’re constantly popping painkillers to try and manage your symptoms, you likely have told yourself that there has to be a better, more effective, and altogether natural approach to your well-being.

There is. It’s chiropractic care.

Here at Innovate Health, our chiropractor can provide a non-invasive, drug-free, and medically proven solution to your general health – both physically and mentally.

What Can Our Chiropractor Do for You?

The idea of chiropractic being a great way to boost your general health and solve a range of ailments isn’t a new one. Rather, for hundreds of years, chiropractors have been using various techniques to overcome numerous aches and pains in their patients’ bodies.

You see, chiropractors are trained to understand subluxations and how these can have a detrimental impact on our bodies and minds.

What is a subluxation?

It occurs in your spinal bones when they either move into an incorrect position or aren’t moving as they should be. This impacts the effectiveness of your nerves’ signals when they’re traveling around your body and to your brain.

Therefore, a subluxation can affect your entire body because the functions of your tissues, cells, organs, and various other systems rely on the signals of your central nervous system. And as these signals need to travel through your spinal column from your brain, a subluxation can cause disruptions to these imperative communications.

But that’s where our chiropractor, Dr. Payne, can help. As a highly skilled practitioner, he’s able to find and treat any subluxations, promoting greater wellbeing and health.

Where’s the Evidence?

While chiropractors have known for centuries that manual adjustments promote great benefits, what do scientists have to say?

One new study suggests that having subluxations treated provides a wealth of beneficial effects to your health – even if you didn’t know anything was wrong in the first place.

Another evaluated chiropractic care care for its systematic benefits, noting that patients had better digestion, breathing, and circulation. And again – these benefits were felt even if there had been no prior issues.

What does this mean?

That your general wellbeing relies heavily on the health of your nervous system. So if this isn’t running at optimum levels, the impacts will be felt all over your body.

So even if you aren’t suffering from any aches or pains, visiting us for a consultation could provide your wellbeing with a much-needed boost.

Start exploring the benefits of chiropractic care today by calling 817-329-3552.


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