Massage Therapy in Grapevine, TX

Massage Therapy is an essential part of Health and Wellness. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis. Massage Therapy helps you to relax and reduce your stress. Massage therapy also helps manage pain, reduce blood pressure and improve circulation. There are many types of massage therapy, from swedish massage to deep tissue massage even sports massage. So no matter how you are feeling massage therapy can help.

Types of Massages

  • Trigger Point Therapy – Relieves tight areas within muscle tissues causing pain in other areas of the body. Uses cycles of isolated pressure and release movements. Helps manage pain and stress from chronic injuries naturally.
  • Swedish Massage – Light to medium pressure, promotes circulation and lymphatic movement. Great for stress related issues and chronic pain.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Provides deep pain relief and releases muscle tension as well as loosens scar tissue and lengthens muscles. Perfect for chronic aches and pains or overuse injuries.
  • Sports Massage – Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury, promotes endurance. Reduces post work-out recovery time.
  • Prenatal Massage – Reduce fatigue, relieve headaches, enhances sleep and helps relieve backaches.
  • Geriatric Massage – Encourages circulation, improves balance and flexibility. Reduces pain and anxiety. Improves joint movement.

Enhanced Therapies

Aromatherapy – uses fragrant oils typically known as essential oils derived naturally extracted from flowers, plants and fruits to naturally enhance the benefit of a massage. There are many options to choose from, so enhance your next massage session with aromatherapy.

Your First Massage Session

Meet and Greet

At our office you can expect to be greeted warmly, every time. Our goal is for your experience to be stress-free and relaxing. Your massage therapist will bring you back to the massage therapy room where they will orient you with the room and what to expect from your massage session. The massage therapist will also do a thorough but brief consultation so they can best serve yours needs. The Massage Therapist will go over where you can change clothing to your comfortability level.

*It is encouraged to arrive early for your massage session so that you can complete any paperwork and have a chance to relax.

Starting Your Session

Once you are comfortably laying face down on the Massage Table, the massage session will begin. Your Massage Therapist will begin your massage session based on your consultation, focusing in on your key areas.

*Some people like to visit during the massage, some don’t. We will follow your lead.

During Your Massage

During your massage the massage therapist will communicate to you that if there is a technique they are doing isn’t comfortable to let them know so as to change up techniques. Depending on your specific needs, your massage therapist will perform a customized full-body massage or focus on specific parts of the body based on your needs for that session.

*Communication is key – If you have feedback on pressure, lighting, room temperature. Please let us know.

End of Your Session

Once your massage session is complete the Massage Therapist will let you know and remove themselves from the room so you may get dressed. Then the Massage Therapist will conduct a post consultation and give recommendations for follow up sessions.

*Hydration is paramount, so be sure to drink plenty of water after each session to help flush out toxins.

Call us today at 817-329-3552 to schedule an appointment, and discover how massage therapy can help you on your path to wellness!


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