Physical Therapy in Grapevine, TX

Has someone suggested you try physical therapy? Want to be able to live your life without feeling restricted in your movements and without the fear of constant pain?

Then it’s time to discover physical therapy in Grapevine, Texas.

Here at Innovate Health, we offer industry-leading physical therapy that’ll have you living the life you deserve in no time at all.

Why Choose Us for Physical Therapy in Texas?

Thanks to our advanced technology and team of highly trained practitioners, we’re able to offer you a wide range of services and techniques that won’t just combat the ailment you’re suffering from but will help improve your overall health and wellbeing, too.

At our convenient location in Grapevine, Texas, we offer flexible hours that will fit in with your hectic schedule. We also work with all major medical health plans, giving you peace of mind that your finance is taken care of as well.

Who Will Benefit from This Treatment Program?

We can use this chiropractic technique to treat a wide range of problems and conditions, from helping you recover from sports-related injuries to assisting you as you manage chronic conditions like diabetes and arthritis.

What’s so good about all of this?

None of this requires a cocktail of prescription drugs or invasive surgery – both of which come with significant side effects.

What Can You Expect from This Treatment Program?

Our physical therapist takes care of patients who are going through various stages in their illness, from receiving their initial diagnosis to working through the recovery period. We can use this type of therapy as a single treatment, or we can utilize it alongside others to create a complete care program.

You may be referred to us by your doctor, or you may feel that this is a route you’d like to take yourself.

However you end up visiting our clinic, there are several things you can expect from your treatment plan.

At the start, our physical therapist will conduct a full evaluation, including:

Discussing your medical history
Evaluating your movement, flexibility, and posture
Using certain tests to determine the cause of your pain
And analyzing your joints and muscles for performance
Then, we’ll provide you with a full, clear diagnosis before discussing our recommendations for your short- and long-term treatment. We’ll then begin your treatment, talking you through each stage in detail. To further aid your recovery, we’ll also offer self-management recommendations and lifestyle/exercise tips.

Find out more about our treatment programs by calling our friendly team today at 817-329-3552


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