When do you usually invest in massage therapy, if ever?

Do you get a once a year massage as a treat? While this feels great, it may not be enough.

Therapeutic massage is something that can actually improve your overall health, particularly when used in conjunction with chiropractic treatment.

How Massage Therapy Keeps Your Body Healthy and Strong

Massage treatments keep your blood and lymph fluids flowing properly. When your muscles are tight in certain areas, these fluids can stagnate, which results in a build-up of toxins.

Additionally, getting regular therapeutic massages can keep stress at bay. Stress leads to inflammation, which is known as the silent killer and is a key factor in numerous diseases, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Lupus
  • Arthritis.

When you get a massage, your muscles relax, and your mind is given a respite. The result: You’re better equipped to deal with stress as it arises, and you lower your risk of certain diseases.

Why Massage and Chiropractic Treatment Should Be Used in Conjunction

In addition to improving your overall health, massage can help you if you have back issues. It should be used in conjunction with chiropractic care. Why?

If your spine is out of alignment, the muscles will be, too. It’s impossible to get the muscles to fully relax when they’re strained.

Conversely, if the muscles are extremely tight due to stress, it is difficult to perform a chiropractic adjustment.

Utilizing these two treatments together will benefit you by keeping your spine in proper alignment and your muscles free from excessive strain.

Invest in Your Health by Investing in a Wonderfully Relaxing Massage

Getting a relaxing massage occasionally is nice. However, if you really want to improve your health, getting a massage more than a couple of times a year is imperative. Yes, massage is a nice treat, but the reality is that it’s an investment in your long-term health.

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