According to the American Chiropractic Association, there are almost 31 million people in the U.S. dealing with back pain. It’s the main cause of disability, one of the common reasons employees miss work, and is the number three reason people visit the doctor.

Back pain can be caused by a wide number of activities, including muscle strains, sports injuries, and accidents. Something as simple as moving a piece of furniture can result in low back pain.

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment can help reduce lower back pain. When you visit the chiropractor, they are likely to use one of several methods of low back pain treatment to help relieve your discomfort.

Types of Low Back Pain Treatment

When you visit your chiropractor for low back pain treatment, they will normally use one or a combination of the following types of treatment:

1. Chiropractic Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation involves applying pressure to the vertebra that is out of alignment with the rest of the back. This relieves pressure on nerves, restores motion, and reduces pain.

2. Mobilization

Mobilization, in contrast with adjustment, focuses on the joints and muscles instead of the bones. The chiropractor will stretch and move the joints and muscles to improve your range of motion.

3. Active Care Plan

After performing an adjustment or mobilization, your chiropractor is likely to prescribe an active care plan. This may involve performing certain exercises regularly or changing your habits to avoid putting stress on certain muscles or joints. You may also need to incorporate certain ergonomic devices to help support your back.

Why Use Chiropractic Care Over Other Options?

Chiropractic care is a less invasive type of low back pain treatment. While surgery may be the only option in some cases, it’s often not required for mild back pain. Often, chiropractors can reduce pain and restore some functionality through regular adjustments.

When you visit a chiropractor for the first time, they will talk to you about your pain, your medical history, and your lifestyle. This allows the chiropractor to create a personalized care plan based on your overall health and activity.

Chiropractic care isn’t for everyone. Those who suffer from certain conditions such as inflammatory arthritis or osteoporosis may not be able to take advantage of the benefits chiropractors offer.

Dr. Payne is a leading chiropractor serving the Fort Worth community, specializing in helping patients who struggle with lower back pain. He received his esteemed Doctorate of Chiropractic back in 2004 and also made the Dean’s List at Parker University.

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